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  • KDE accepted for Google Summer of Code 2013 (4/8/2013) - I’m happy to announce that KDE has been accepted as a mentoring organization in Google Summer of Code 2013. This is our 9th consecutive year. Congrats to all accepted organizations, […]
  • Google Code-In is on! (11/26/2012) - Google Code-In began today, November 26th 2012, precisely at 17:00 UTC. The KDE Community is proud to take part once again in this great program. Find out more about Google […]
  • Attention prospective mentors: Google Code-in tasks needed! (10/23/2012) - Good news for the Free Software community:¬†Google Code-in 2012 has recently been announced. Google Code-in is in some ways the pre-university counterpart of Google Summer of Code, and KDE has […]
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  • What to do with an old Nokia N810? (1/6/2011) - Like quite a few KDE community members who attended Akademy 2008, I got a Nokia N810 internet tablet. Sadly, shortly after we got the devices we stopped receiving OS updates […]
  • Color your shell (5/4/2012) - The UNIX terminal UI has stood the test of time. Tools change, new tools crop up, certain tools are used commonly and others less so. I don’t see the familiar […]
  • Social Desktop integration in KAboutDialog (8/23/2009) - A few years ago when I still wasn’t an Amarok developer, the development team appeared to me like a bunch of uber-l33t geeks with mad sk1lls locked up in some […]
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