Tales of software craftsmanship

Tales of software craftsmanship

Season of KDE: help wanted!

Last weekend, after countless emails and weeks of digging through a huge Google spreadsheet, I have finalized Season of KDE selections. The KDE student programs team is confident that we have made the best possible choices and matched as many students as possible with competent mentors.

KDE student programs by the numbers

Congratulations and a big welcome to all the students who have been accepted for Season of KDE 2012!

This year we had almost 70 applicants. We found a mentor for 29 of them, and they will spend their summer hacking on KDE. Unfortunately, mentor availability was tight, so we had to say no to quite a few excellent submissions.

I’m not complaining though, this year KDE got more Google Summer of Code students than ever before, and more Season of KDE students than ever before (total headcount: 89). It’s going to be an awesome summer! 🙂

Help wanted: web application developers and artists

It is clear that KDE student programs as a whole are growing, and we have reached the point where a single Google spreadsheet as a tool for all administrative tasks concerning Season of KDE simply does not scale. The sheer amount of submissions (and therefore, data), combined with the size of the KDE community (and therefore, mentors to contact) has resulted in the Season of KDE 2012 selection period taking more than a month!

The current “spreadsheet+bunch of emails” workflow is definitely unsustainable, and the KDE student programs team agrees that a web application like Melange would help tremendously in managing Season of KDE more efficiently. Melange would probably be overkill though, and we have not managed to find any existing solution that would fit our requirements. Those requirements are quite simple: a web application with simple CRUD database operations that would allow the following:

  1. 3 categories of users, students, mentors and administrators can sign up, ideally through identity.kde.org;
  2. students can submit one or more applications for a currently active student program (e.g. Season of KDE);
  3. mentors can view submissions and declare their will to mentor one or more students;
  4. administrators can assign student-mentor matches, manage deadlines and properties of a student (active/inactive, shirt sent/not sent, etc.);
  5. mentors can pass or fail students with a simple yes/no switch (no need for questionnaires like in Melange).

Lydia Pintscher has drawn up a nice representation of the workflow we would like to have:

Sayak Banerjee has already started working on it, so we are hoping it could be ready for next year’s Season of KDE. If you wish to help, feel free to contact sayakb on #kde-www on Freenode.

We could also use a nice logo for Season of KDE, if you have drawing skills and would like to help contact the KDE student programs team at kde-soc-mentor-owner@kde.org.