Tales of software craftsmanship

Tales of software craftsmanship

Amarok 2.4.1 “Resolution”

Building on the foundations of a fun and innovating 2.4 release, the Amarok team is proud to announce the immediate availability of Amarok 2.4.1, codename “Resolution”, the first maintenance release of the 2.4.x branch.

Many bugs have been fixed, and we even managed to sneak in a few new features, including remote NFS/CIFS collections and a gpodder.net service.

Check out the full release announcement here to see what’s new in this release.


  • Reply AnTs |

    I’ve just notced that the Amarok project entry on Freshmeat is outdated. Maybe it would be good to update it with new versions?

    • Reply Teo |

      Thanks for letting us know, I’ll see if there’s someone on the team who would update it.

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