Amarok 2.4.2 Beta 1 “Nightshade”

Jul 8, 2011   //   by Teo   //   Amarok, KDE  //  No Comments

Summer in the northern hemisphere is not an easy time for the Amarok team, 35°C in the shade is definitely not the ideal operating temperature for most hackers. Nevertheless, work on our Google Summer of Code projects and regular Amarok development is proceeding at a frantic pace.

GSoC projects won’t be merged and released until later, so what we are releasing right now is a beta release of what we have cooked up during the spring, including the Amarok sprint in Randa, Switzerland.

Prominent changes include several redesigned user interface elements and dynamic playlists, and a significant number of bug fixes.

Read the full announcement here and don’t forget that to make Amarok 2.4.2 even better, is the place to be :)

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