Tales of software craftsmanship

Tales of software craftsmanship

Google Summer of Code students: time to submit those proposals!

Attention prospective Google Summer of Code students: the student proposal submission window has begun.

This means that if you haven’t contacted the relevant KDE subproject and/or mentor and submitted your proposal for review, it’s high time to do so. If you have already gotten feedback and you think your proposal is in good shape, you’re encouraged to officially submit it to Google Melange.

Submitting early means your proposal might get more attention 😉

Mentors: interest from prospective students has been high, and we’ll need to match those students with mentors. Offering more mentors might increase the number of student slots we get from Google, so if you’re an established KDE developer and you’re interested in giving a helping hand during Google Summer of Code, please sign up to be a mentor on Google Melange as soon as possible.


  • Reply aishraj |

    Thanks for the update Teo. I’ve put my proposal in Melange and am eaglery waiting from feedback from other KDE mentors.

  • Reply Kevin Kofler |

    One important warning (from past experience) is that Google usually DOES NOT EXTEND the posted deadlines, be prepared to the submission system being locked at the exact stated deadline, to the second. So do not wait until the very last moment.

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